Our Dental Assistants old

I am a certified dental assistant who has been with Dr Baronas for over 25 years.  I take great pleasure in helping improve patients' smiles with a variety of options.  I am a real people person and like interacting with my patients.  My goal is to make new patients feel like a welcomed guest who will soon be a friend and then a member of family of patients.



I have been with Dr Baronas since I was 6 years old patient.  In November 2002 I joined the staff as a dental assistant.  I enjoy helping patients and making them laugh, drinking pina coladas and talking and walking in the rain.  (Okay, so now you know that I have a quirky sense of humor).





 In January 2013, I joined the Dr. Barona's team. I have been assisting for over 15 years. Yes I know I started assisting when I was 15...thank you for the compliment.  At home, I am the proud mother of four gorgeous daughters! Happily married for 25 years, I love to travel with my husband and spend quality time with my girls when I am home.







I am a certified dental assistant who enjoys learning new things and making the best out every situation. I am fluent in Spanish and English. I really enjoy going on family vacation with my husband, my two beautiful girls and youngest son. I am very excited to have been given a chance to join the team at comprehensive dentistry in 2015, and I look forward to continuing my education to become a dental hygienist in the future. 






Hello my name is Shardae, the ball of energy here at Catonsville Comprehensive Dentistry. I joined the family here in 2021.  I'm a dental assistant whose passion here is providing every patient with their own great experience. I have 2 boys at home I love more than life!! I sing , I dance, and I talk about planets and under the sea so you'll definitely forget you're even having treatment. I like all things girly but I like assisting more! Can't wait to meet you!!






Hi everyone! My name is Andra and I am a recent UMBC graduate. I started off shadowing and am now assisting chairside, gaining experience along the way as I prep myself to follow the footsteps of the dentists here at the office. Other than dentistry, I'm an avid collector of indoor houseplants and love being active, including pilates, barre, basketball, hiking, etc. There are just too many to list!


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