Preventive Dentistry Philosophy

We are a prevention oriented practice which means that we would rather prevent dental disease than have to treat it.  We are strong advocates of remineralizing teeth and know that different age groups need different therapy.   While decay is decreasing in the younger population, our seniors are experiencing more root decay due to increased gum recession and dry mouth that comes from some medications. There are over 500 medications that cause dry mouth as a side effect. Just to give you an idea, this list was as of 2010(courtesy of GlaxoSmithKline, Inc.)  We routinely recommend products to reduce this condition and prevent decay, mouth soreness and other oral problems.

We have very effective therapies to reduce the need for future dental care, including use of Colgate® Prevident® 5000(Prescription-strength toothpaste).  Our exceptional peridontal therapists are wonderful in helping their patients keep teeth that, in many practices, would have been deemed unsalvagable.