See What We Do

Our practice provides comprehensive dentistry to include includes the placement and restoration of dental implants, oral surgery, gum treatment, root canals, temporomandibular joint treatment, and almost all phases restorative dentistry, including children’s dentistry and cosmetic orthodontic treatment.

We are pleased to offer conscious sedation for our patients who prefer a higher level of relaxation. During this safe and effective procedure the patient takes a small pill one hour before treatment and then has an escort take them to the practice. Prior to treatment nitrous oxide will be administered and the patient can relax in the chair in a happy, dreamy state while dentistry is accomplished. Stereo headphones are available for those who want them.

Modern cosmetic dentistry procedures are some of our favorites. Veneers, crowns, composite bonding, smile lifts are all available. Whitening is a wonderful service. Throughout our lives, things like tea, coffee, cola, chocolate, colored juices gradually darken the teeth. These stains can be whitened away in a matter of days. We believe that home treatment with custom trays is the best, most cost effective way to get the whitest teeth for the longest time.

Do you have teeth that are sensitive to cold? This is often caused by clenching and receding gums. One third of all people clench and grind their teeth and many do so without even knowing it. Worn teeth is one symptom but not everyone shows wear. Other symptoms include headaches, tooth sensitivity and sore muscles in the neck or jaw, particularly in the morning. If you have these problems, please discuss them with us.

For clenchers and grinders a small NTI appliance that snaps on the front teeth and worn while sleeping has produced outstanding results. It greatly reduces sensitivity and headaches while preventing further damage to teeth. For non-grinders we offer other procedures that prevent root surface sensitivity such as painting the tooth with a clear plastic film which can be done without any injections.