Remineralization Therapy

With newer techniques using lasers and digital radiographs, we are able to detect dental caries in its early stages.  If identified within enamel(the outer structure of the tooth), we can intercept and/or reverse the disease process, avoiding the need for restorations in some cases.   This protocol requires significant diligence patient's part in terms of home care and proper maintenance.  It involves fabrication of custom trays which would hold a calcium-phosphate paste, a substance shown to have significant success in remineralization of weakened enamel.  After several months wearing the trays, new bitewing x-rays would be taken to monitor the level of cooperation at home.   If the areas of decay have decreased in size or disappeared altogether, restoration(fillings) of these areas can be avoided and natural tooth preserved.  If they have grown in size, however, restoration would then be needed.