Advanced Technology

Our office technology reflects the same high quality of dentistry we practice

  • Digital Impressions:  Treatment is faster and more comfortable for patients with intraoral scanning and digital dentistry.  Our intraoral scanner is the most accurate one on the market and is used to take super high speed images of a patients’ mouths(digital impressions) to make dentures, crowns, veneers, dental implants as well as plan orthodontic treatments and create orthodontic appliances.  No more gooey impressions and no more gagging!!
  • Digital x-rays:  The quality of the digital images over conventional film result in greater accuracy in making a diagnosis.  They are available for quicker viewing and offer easier viewing by the doctor and the patient.  This technology also reduces patient radiation by two-thirds. 
  • Digital photos: The use of intraoral and extraoral cameras enables us to make magnified images that clearly show the smallest detail.  This greatly enhances patient communication as we no longer need you to hold a hand mirror trying to see something in the back of the mouth.  We also send these images to the dental lab when we think it will help them create a better result.
  • Anesthetic Reversal Agent -Hate feeling numb after your dental visit? Do you have a big meeting after your visit or just don't want to be numb for hours? You're not alone.   We have an anesthetic reversal agent that can cut the residual numbness time in half!!  It is placed with an injection while you are already numb and can't feel it.  
  • Computer monitors in every room:  Each patient has their own monitor that will let you see your dental condition.  Alternately you can view TV, videos or listen to your favorite music while having your dentistry done.
  • Laser cavity detector: This high tech instrument allows us to painlessly determine if you have a cavity before it makes a hole in the tooth  This device also tells us when a suspicious area does not need treatment.
  • Instrument washer: We are one of very few offices in Maryland to offer this added level of safety.  This cleans instruments before they are sterilized and is far superior to the old method to disinfect instruments.
  • We also have a soft tissue laser that helps with fillings, biopsies and periodontal work. Please ask us about this new tool for better patient care.


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